September 17, 2021

Good morning, Edenton Residents, Family Members and Staff;

Twice in one week you are hearing form me, but these are important updates.
1. The second round of testing for the outbreak defined on 9/8 last week for Orchard Terrace, Blossom Place and Fiddlers Green – received all negative results for residents and so far, negative tests for employees. We continue to monitor everyone each shift.

I will confirm with everyone early next week when the FCHD clears the outbreak, and we can resume normal scheduled visitation. An outbreak is defined to last 14 days and have two rounds of testing.

Remember, we can only offer outside patio scheduled visitation for FG, BP and OT (Garden House is not included and may have regular scheduled visitation). Call Edenton for your appointment, then go to the Manor House for screening and visitor sticker. We will need to wait to resume regular scheduled indoor visitation, except in the cases of Hospice care or compassionate care visits. (These are also new guidelines approved by MDH as we navigate this pandemic.)

2. Vaccine Booster and Flu Shot – This week the Frederick County Health Dept. (FCHD) reported that booster vaccines are not authorized by the FDA yet, no matter what others may be reporting. Although there is an expected FDA meeting to occur and news forthcoming about boosters for seniors, the FCHD has instructed us to hold off on scheduled booster vaccination clinics. There is a lot of conflicting information coming from the Maryland Governor office, the health departments, the FDA, CDC and other entities we are to follow. I consulted with Dr. Shah late Wednesday and we have decided to hold off on the COVID-19 booster vaccine at this time for all residents on campus.

This means that the September 23rd CVS clinic is now CANCELLED.

The annual flu vaccine will still be given on October 7th, Whitesell Pharmacy will be on campus to provide the flu vaccine. The annual flu vaccine is the regular vaccine and not the high dose offered by some pharmacies.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the changing information and situations we are monitoring. I will continue to provide updates and information to you as frequently as necessary to keep you well informed.

If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.


RaeAnn Butler

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