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Questions about Life at Edenton

Question 1:

Why can’t I just rent a room for my Dad without going through all this medical history paperwork?


The answer depends on how much care your Dad needs now. If he only needs help with medication reminders or running errands but is fine living on his own, then Independent Living is where he belongs and there is no requirement for the Maryland State Medical Assessment forms.

If your Dad’s care needs include safety when living alone, or he needs more constant help with toileting or transferring in and out of bed or chairs, then we might be looking at Assisted Living rather than Independent Living. Assisted Living facilities are licensed by the State of Maryland, and there are requirements imposed by the State designed to help make sure that proper care is delivered.

It starts with a medical assessment provided usually by your Dad’s primary care Doctor, but could be handled by another Doctor if necessary.

Question 2:

When do I need to make this decision about moving my Mom into a senior care facility?


We get this question all the time. The short answer is to make it before your Mom has a serious incident – a fall with nobody around to help, a pot left on the hot stove, a flooded apartment, or found wandering in the neighborhood confused about where she is.

The longer answer is more personal and emotional. A family will have to work through this together and be observant for the little signs of safety issues and choose to act rather than reacting. For sure, a family that functions well will have multiple people helping out with checking in and handling chores and errands.

Someone will need to take the lead in coordinating what Mom needs in her home, including deciding that it is time to let someone outside of the family take care of this 24/7. After the move, families often report that Mom is happier than ever.

We were interviewed for a podcast when this question came up,
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Question 3:

What is the process really like to get my Mom moved in and settled at Edenton?


It varies depending on which Neighborhood Mom moves into. If she is going to Independent Living, then there is an actual moving truck to bring her things and get them settled into her Cottage (or lots of pick up truck trips).

Mom will need her furniture, clothes, linens, medications, food items- just like moving into any other apartment. Assisted Living and Memory Care are smaller in scale moves of stuff with just one room to be furnished, or Edenton has these rooms furnished with furniture and all you need to bring are her clothes and personal items to dress up the room and make it look like hers.

Assisted Living and Memory Care have more before the move activities with required medical assessments done by your Momís Doctor and an evaluation by Edentonís Delegating RN. This information will help Edenton generate a care plan so that Mom starts on day 1 with everything being looked after. Pharmacy needs have to be coordinated prior to move in as well.

Question 4:

Tell me what surprises you have not already told me about? Are there extra fees for things that Mom will need?


We are proud to be totally transparent as far as not having surprise costs. We can’t guarantee no surprises, but the costs are all listed on the price sheets and on our website.

Before you sign a lease, our staff will make sure that you understand how each need is met and what is included in the monthly rent as well as the extras that only get charged when your loved one needs them. As for surprises, we often hear families tell us they are surprised that Mom is happy and has made new friends, or that Dad doesn’t cook all that much in his Cottage and prefers to have meals in the Restaurant.

Question 5:

I am looking for some help caring for my wife who has dementia. I see that Edenton is able to help, but I want to be able to stay close but I donít want to move into a room with her – that is what I have now and it isnít working.


Edenton offers accommodations that allow couples to room together or to reside as individuals in the same community. There are 2nd person pricing discounts available depending on your preferences.

So an example would be one spouse living in a Cottage while the other one has a room in one of the Memory Care Neighborhoods. Daily visitation is possible. (obviously this could be impacted by State Covid mandates).

This arrangement works for both residents – the one who needs some sleep and a break and the one that needs 24/7 care with routines designed to maximize functioning day to day.

Question 6:

What ís the difference between Memory Care and Assisted Living?


The physical difference is that Memory Care is offered in Neighborhoods with design and programs tailored to maximize the individual needs of residents with cognitive impairment. Activity programs are very different and more focused on smaller groups or individual activities. Assisted Living is offered in Neighborhoods similar in size with similar rooms to Memory Care, but with very different programs.

Edenton Staff have extensive training and experience for the types of care needed in each Neighborhood and all residents benefit from having the same familiar staff each day with training appropriate to their needs. Meals are delivered to the Neighborhoods and eaten in dining rooms or in resident rooms. Individuals needing encouragement or assistance can best be supported in these smaller meal settings.

It is possible for someone to move into Assisted Living with dementia and then move to Memory Care as the disease progresses when the routines and activities no longer meet their needs in Assisted Living.



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