January 14, 2022

Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:

Good afternoon and how is your immune system? This seems to be the biggest question for all of us as we deal with the current variant of this virus. One way to help protect yourself is to upgrade the type of mask you are wearing. Edenton is supplying n95 masks to employees in addition to the medical masks regularly available. There are also n95 masks located at the Manor House front desk for you to use when visiting any of our buildings with a Resident.

On Monday, we will retest Garden House and Blossom Place residents and staff members. We had a few more asymptomatic residents at GH test positive and all families were notified. It has been hard to keep Garden House resident movement curtailed and masked, but staff are trying very hard to do so in that building.

Yesterday, the governor and Maryland Department of Health issued new orders for nursing home facilities related to this current surge. Although this does not apply to assisted living facilities, we ask that you take all precautions to protect yourself, our Residents, and our staff. If you have been exposed, please delay your visit to campus until you have either tested negative or you are cleared from your quarantine.

For any person (staff or visitor) entering a Resident’s room with a confirmed case of the virus, one must wear full PPE. Although visitation is not restricted, it is not recommended when we have a positive case or outbreak.

Edenton is hosting a vaccination booster clinic on Wednesday January 19th at 3pm. Whitesell Pharmacy will be here to offer the Moderna booster for anyone interested. Contact Madison at the front desk if you are interested.

Edenton continues with the following actions for all assisted living visitors (independent living residents should be considering this as well):
1. All visitors (family members, personal companions, etc.) must first report to the Manor House for screening information and temperature taken. A screening sticker will be provided before going to the assisted living building for scheduled visit. NOTE: the Manor House front desk is staffed every day from 8 am to 5 pm.
2. AL visits will occur in the Resident’s room. No visitors in public spaces or dining rooms.
a. Anyone who wants to dine with a Resident, we can help you with special accommodations or you can request a reservation in the main dining room. (This is not recommended at this time with high transmission rates).
3. Masks (medical grade or higher – kn95, or n95) must be worn at all times. Even when both the visitor(s) and Resident are fully vaccinated! If a Resident is positive for the virus, other PPE will be provided and must be worn when with the Resident.
4. Residents can leave campus with family and friends. Please tell us in advance so that we can help to have the Resident ready for their outing. Please do not take AL residents to public restaurants or large gatherings.
5. We will recommend that residents who take a leave of absence away from campus be tested upon returning.
If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.

Be well,
RaeAnn Butler

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