Assistant Administrator Named

It is with pleasure that I share some good news with you. Jennifer Holmes is returning to Edenton and rejoining the staff. Many of you may remember Jennifer from her years with us as the Community Relations Director.  Now she is returning to the team to fill a new role, Assistant Administrator.

Jennifer built a great rapport with families, residents and staff during her tenure. With some recent changes in Jennifer’s personal life, the time was right to talk with her about coming back, and stepping into this new role on our team. She officially returns this month part-time, and she will be back at Edenton in a full-time capacity this fall.

As the long-term care industry has changed over the last 30 years, Edenton has continued to change with it. We have updated our buildings, changed the services we offer, and expanded our campus. It’s intentional that we look at our staffing complement the same way. Bringing Jennifer on board in this new, expanded role helps us build capacity so that we are ready for the next challenge. To our benefit, Jennifer already knows Edenton. Our business is about people helping people live each day to the fullest. No matter how we adapt our business to meet the changing times, that core value will never change.

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer back to the team!

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