“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young..” Theodore Roosevelt

Great Gifts

Presenting a gift to a senior in your life is no different than finding a gift for anyone else. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we are checking off the list of names of family and friends that we would like to present with a gift. We try to be personal and thoughtful as we consider our gift giving. I don’t think we should be so concerned with the age of the person as we should their interests and abilities. Some love to travel and explore while, while others choose to stay local. But we should consider if the person may have any limitations, both physically and cognitively, as we think about gifts.

A low vision magnifying glass may be helpful for grandma to do her crossword puzzles while another senior in your life may want a new pickleball racket. I thought it would be helpful to provide some ideas that may cross both ends of the spectrum and help stimulate your thinking as you consider gifts for the seniors in your life and family. Also, I like to be practical and have some suggestions that could be considered for any gift giving time – not just in December.

The stuff money can’t buy – For many senior individuals, separation from family, loss of friends and other emotional challenges can result in feelings of loneliness. One of the most appreciated gifts you can give is that of your time. Pledge to take a day to visit, speak by phone, send a regular card in the mail, take them out for a drive, bring take out to them or take them out for a meal out (or two), spend time talking, reminiscing, and laughing – all valuable gifts.

Consider providing a meal by cooking or baking a dessert treat for them. Some seniors do not enjoy cooking anymore whether for one or two people and may seldom cook. Spend time in the kitchen with them and choose recipes that were special from a holiday meal or family tradition. Consider freezing smaller meals or even batches of cookies that can be thawed in small quantities and enjoyed later.

Activities they love – One of the best gifts is to think about what things they have enjoyed in the past and may still depending upon their health and ability. Spend unhurried time with them

engaged in the activity. Visit a park and do some bird watching, go to a museum or tour one virtually, help them listen to an audio book if they can no longer read due to poor vision, download a speaker or lecture from You Tube that they used to enjoy. With technology today, you have many options to explore if you cannot take them out.

Making memories – Personalized memory books and family photos can make a great gift. Going through photos and reliving the best times can be a fun and stimulating experience. Digital photo frames can also be a gift that you can continue to change the images throughout the year with a new upload or storage device. Consider updating a few family photos and help to hang the framed prints.

Things they will use – Sometimes the best gift for that special senior in your life is an item they really need. If they do not go out shopping for themselves, consider a few new items of clothing to freshen up their wardrobe – new pajamas, slippers, sneakers, new shirts, and pants.

How about other personal items like… a warm blanket (be careful about providing a heated or electric blanket if they reside in assisted living or memory care as this might not be approved), a special amplified phone or a phone with large buttons. Consider safety items for their home such as grab bars to be installed in the bathroom, entry doors and even a handheld shower head and seat,

Gift cards or gift coupons can be purchased or made for just about anything. If they are still driving, consider the grocery store they like, their favorite restaurant, the barber or beauty shop, manicure, or pedicure gift card and even car care or service. Depending upon your family member’s ability to travel, consider a gift coupon for you to travel with them to visit a bucket list location or to family who live out of state.

Hopefully these suggestions have sparked some gift ideas for that special senior in your life. You will certainly find a nice way to make them feel special and loved this holiday season.

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