Edenton Residents, Staff and Family Members or Guests,


The recent holiday week has presented an increase across the State of Maryland for respiratory illnesses including influenza, covid and RSV. Today, the Maryland Health Dept is recommending source control (mask wearing) in long term care facilities.

Maryland’s last report from the week ending 12/16 was 11.4. Likely the numbers will only increase once last week’s Christmas holiday, and this week’s numbers come in.

Although a significant majority of the Edenton assisted and independent living residents were vaccinated this fall, the safest way to assist in the health and safety of our Residents is to implement the wearing of masks in our care settings.

Beginning today, I am implementing the wearing of masks in assisted living, dietary and dining room, and other resident care situations. I strongly recommend the wearing of masks in all other areas of campus and administrative locations as an added precaution. Masks will be provided in all locations.

Residents and their guest(s) may choose to visit in their private room or residence without wearing a mask while the door is closed. I strongly recommend that you still consider wearing a mask during visits.

As always, we continue to monitor Residents and staff for illness and symptoms. Should an outbreak occur, proper notifications will be provided.

As of this writing, Edenton has not had a confirmed case of flu, covid or RSV. I hope that it will stay that way, now and in the coming weeks.  Proper handwashing or sanitizing is extremely important. We will continue to be vigilant in our cleaning and sanitizing as we have been.

Thank you for continuing to keep the health and safety of our Residents and staff as the top priority.  I hope that within a few weeks, we will be able to suspend the requirement of wearing a mask and return to mask optional. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Be well and Happy New Year,

RaeAnn Butler

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