May 14, 2021
Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:
This week, Governor Hogan announced that he will lift most restrictions for indoor and outdoor venues. In general, this is GREAT news but this does not apply to long term care facilities. Edenton is still required to follow the CDC and Maryland Dept of Health guidance for our campus and especially for assisted living.
For some independent living Residents, this may change where and what you might do when you are off campus with family and friends. I continue to caution you – be careful and protect yourselves when in a public space, either indoors or outside. Keep wearing your masks.
Governor Hogan also implied that once Maryland reaches a 70% fully vaccinated rate of the state’s population, he may discontinue the mask wearing mandate. As of today, Frederick County is reporting only 35.4% of the population as being fully vaccinated. We have a long way to go folks!
Assisted Living Residents and family members beginning Saturday, May 15th, after you have scheduled your visit by calling Edenton (301) 694-3100, you will be able to be screened and your temperature taken directly at the assisted living building by staff. You will not need to go to the Manor House for check in. It is important to still schedule and not just walk in. Staff will be provided a scheduled visitor list each morning to confirm you are listed and approved for visits.
The scheduled visits are to help guide the staff as to when to expect visitors as well as continue to know the maximum number of visitors in a building at any given time (10 people max). Please consider and remember the following for visitation:
Scheduled inside Assisted Living visits:
1. Inside visits are 2 persons per Resident (in resident room)
2. Everyone must wear a mask. No matter if you are fully vaccinated or not.
3. Always practice good hand hygiene.
Scheduled outside Assisted Living visits:
1. A maximum of 6 visitors are permitted outside with the Resident.
2. Wear your mask unless you are actively eating and drinking.
3. Distance from one another if you are eating and drinking and you have your mask off.
4. Practice good hand hygiene and cleaning of tables or food surfaces.
Off campus scheduled visits for Assisted Living Residents:
1. Reduce unnecessary risks to our AL Residents by considering where you take them off campus. A personal home is preferred over a crowded public setting or public restaurant.
2. Request that only vaccinated persons be close to the Resident. The Resident should be distanced and wearing a mask if someone has not been vaccinated.
3. It is a good practice to still wear a mask when you are with them and not actively eating or drinking in your home.
4. Practice good hand hygiene and cleaning of surfaces.
5. The length of time for off campus scheduled visits should be with the Resident’s ability and stamina in mind.
Thank you for your patience as we navigate the guidance from CDC and CMS, how our Frederick County community is responding and the declining numbers of cases. The risk for virus transmission still exists, but we have learned a lot and come a long way in keeping each other safe and healthy.
As always, if I can answer any question or provide you with information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.
Be well,
RaeAnn Butler

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