To: Edenton Residents and Family Members
From: RaeAnn Butler, Administrator
Date: April 30, 2020

RE: COVID-19 Important Updates

  1. Governor’s Press ReleaseIn a press conference yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan announced an executive order to mandate universal testing of all residents and staff in all Maryland nursing homes, regardless of whether they have symptoms. I do not know the implication or intent of this yet for Edenton-our assisted living or independent residents in our community. I hope that more information will be coming out soon.I have reached out to our health dept contact and information is pending.With the new announcement of expanded testing, Governor Hogan acknowledged that it may be expected to see a rise in positive cases amongresidents and staff. I am working on an emergency surge staffing plan to ensure continuity of care. Staff members have been asked to help in any way possible including making a referral for someone to join our team now. I am also contracting with a staffing agency should the need arise for such services.
  2. To ensure that you are receiving information as quickly as possible from Edenton, we have addeda link to the Edenton website to information and communications. This link will take you directly to the Resident Life section where information and resources are being posted.

Our team, continues all of the extraordinary work going each and every day. Our focus must be keeping ourselves healthy, our residents healthy and of course our families, while being as safe as possible.Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance

Resident Memo 4-30-2020

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