BREAKING NEWS: Assisted Living Visitation may begin March 1, 2021

February 18, 2021
Good morning Edenton Residents, Family Members and Staff:
This week, Edenton will complete round two of the vaccination processes for the campus. Yesterday, assisted living Residents received their second vaccination. CVS combined the scheduled Orchard Terrace clinic due on Saturday with the Wednesday clinics this week. Weather permitting, Independent Living Residents will complete their second round of vaccinations at Frederick Health on Friday. We have found clinic processes to be smooth and well run.
Despite declining numbers of the virus in our community and Frederick County, please know that just because you may have received a vaccine series does not mean that you are immune to the virus. You could still contract the illness! You must continue to practice safe hand hygiene, wear your mask and social distance from others who do not reside in your household.
Garden House family members were notified Sunday as soon as we received word that a staff member had been exposed to a person who tested positive. Edenton is monitoring reasons for staff members missing work and following up right away. Based on a person’s symptoms, we may request/require that they get tested. Out of an abundance of caution, we immediately tested residents and staff at Garden House. The health dept did not require that the entire campus be tested in this instance. Everyone has come back negative this week. We will continue to monitor for any symptoms and determine if we need to test next week.
Attached to this weekly update is the revised Visitation Criteria for Assisted Living. Effective March 1st, this visitation policy will apply to each AL building or as a collective, depending upon any outbreak status assigned by the Frederick County Health Dept.
This policy is very similar to the one you followed last fall. There have been a few minor changes to reflect lessons learned with visitation considering the pandemic and situations in which we felt Residents should be safest and not be placed at a higher risk for potential exposure. The changes are related to food/drink and mask wearing. At this time, both the Resident and the visitor will not be able to take off their mask to eat or drink together. Only the Resident may remove their mask for eating and drinking. The visitor will be required to always wear their mask unless they are visiting outdoors and maintaining social distancing.
Independent Living Residents – more small group activities and exercises are being scheduled at the Manor House. Please check in at the front desk to reserve your spot to attend your favorite activity.
We look forward to receiving your phone calls or emails to schedule AL visits beginning March 1st. As always, if I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.
Be Well,
RaeAnn Butler

Visitation Criteria for Assisted Living Residents 2021

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