December 22, 2021

Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:

Good morning

I am sharing with you today that a fully vaccinated staff member tested positive who works in the Manor House. We tested the other Manor House staff and a few residents in AL and IL that this person was in limited contact with, wearing a mask of course. We will test again early next week to continue to monitor ourselves.

These next weeks will be critical in controlling the spread of the virus. Please continue to take all precautions that you can over the holidays to minimize the COVID 19 risks.

The state of Maryland is reporting a 12.15% positivity rate today and over 70 patients at Frederick Health. I understand that some medical procedures are now being delayed due to the high number of infections and need for hospital staffing. We still do not know what the local county positivity rate but we can assume it is likely higher than the state since it was trending that way prior to the report in early December.

As any other updates are needed, I will reach out to you. If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.

Merry Christmas!

RaeAnn Butler

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