December 17, 2020
Dear Edenton Residents, Family Members and Staff
Good afternoon. I must admit, this week has been a very busy one not only dealing with COVID but then add a snowstorm.
This week, we started testing on Monday at Garden House after a resident exhibited a symptom. That Resident did come back positive and the others tested negative. We took special precautions when this result came back and we designated Garden House as a unit. Due to the nature of Garden House, shared bathrooms and providing memory care services, the Residents do not normally stay in their rooms. We found it to be the most prudent action to have staff always don full PPE when working and caring for Residents and changing to new PPE when caring for the Resident who tested positive. We are monitoring all Residents carefully. As with any Resident, family would be notified of any change in condition or new information immediately.
Two more Residents tested positive at Blossom Place as well. Staff continue to work very hard at keeping Residents quarantined in their rooms with all services. We have notified any Resident family of changes and will continue to do so.
At Orchard Terrace, we are poised to release one Resident from isolation today when another Resident test came back positive. With all AL Residents, anyone who shows any kind of symptom is being evaluated by a nurse, doctor consulted, and steps taken to follow the dr. orders.
At the time of this writing, one staff member result came back positive this week and this person works on the IL side of the campus. We still have a few pending staff tests to come back. Of the number of staff members who were out on isolation, most are returning in the next few days or have returned and are doing well. Staff movement on campus remains tight. Only assigned or necessary staff are entering specific buildings, locations, or departments. Staff in Garden House and Blossom Place are wearing n95 masks during their shift and any staff member assigned to care for a Resident with symptoms or who has tested positive is wearing full PPE including an n95 mask.
The snowstorm made for an interesting day yesterday, but our staff members have continued to be amazing! Today the campus is cleaned up and maintenance will continue to monitor for icy spots. Please contact the office or security if you need assistance.
VACCINE UPDATE – Today, the Maryland Dept of Health reported that they are waiting on the allocation of vaccine and clinic schedules from CVS or Walgreens. It appears that skilled nursing facilities will be the first to receive vaccinations in the next one to two weeks and then assisted living. I do not expect Edenton to then have our first clinic date until January.
As always, if I can answer any questions or provide you with information, please reach out to me or another member of our team at any time.
Wear your mask, distance, and wash your hands. This will be the case even after vaccinations begin.

Be Well,
RaeAnn Butler

December 17th – Weekly Update

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