December 5, 2022

Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:

Not quite 7 days have passed since we closed the outbreak assigned and we have another employee who has tested positive. New guidance has come out indicating when and how often we should test once someone has been exposed. We will be testing in Orchard Terrace today, in 3 days and then again in 5 days. Even once we get negative results, we still must wait 21 days from the first case or they can reopen the outbreak.

I am asking all staff, residents and guests to consider wearing a mask. Not only are we one week following a holiday, but the number of cases of flu, covid and respiratory illness is growing rapidly.

Please use caution visiting with out of town guests or small children. Although the rates of transmission are in the substantial category, there are still people testing positive every day.

Visitors in AL will only be required to sign in and out. Visitors who want to dine with AL residents should inquire with the staff to make a reservation and ensure there is space in the dining room. Visitors may still go to the main dining room with guests for a meal.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we continue to navigate the impact of Covid – 19.

Be well,

RaeAnn Butler, Administrator

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