August 26, 2021
Dear Edenton Residents, Family Members and Staff:
I write this week to share several topics with you regarding Edenton and the COVID-19 pandemic.
1. Last week, I reimplemented prior used procedures for visitation because the positivity rate in Frederick Co is above 5%. Please share this information with your family members. Edenton shares this information on the website, in print and emails this to any family members who have requested to be on our email list. For your reference, I am including them again.
Assisted Living:
1. All visitors must first report to the Manor House for screening information and temperature taken. A screening sticker will be provided before going to the assisted living building for scheduled visit.
2. All assisted living (AL) visitation must be scheduled in advance (4 hour minimum). No last-minute drop in or less than an hour notification of visitation arrival. (Special circumstances may arise when management will permit a deviation from this scheduling requirement – Hospice or compassionate care situation)
3. AL visits will occur in the Resident’s room. No visitors in public spaces or dining rooms.
4. A maximum of 2 persons are permitted for AL visits inside the room.
5. We encourage outside visitation when the weather permits. A maximum of 6 visitors outside.
6. Masks must be worn at all times. Even when both the visitor(s) and Resident are vaccinated!
7. Caution should be taken when AL Residents are taken off campus to public restaurants, person homes and gatherings.
8. NEW: Family visits with Children under 12 years of age or with any child who cannot wear a face covering properly, should occur outside.
Independent Living:
1. Masks must be worn inside any building or location on campus (including the laundry room).
2. Dining room seating will be limited to number of persons per table or section. A mask must be worn until service begins for food/beverage.
3. Manor House side doors will remain unlocked for entry, but you must report to the front desk for screening upon entry.
2. Edenton Employee Vaccinations – I announced earlier this week to our staff members that effective September 15, 2021, all current Edenton staff, and any new hires, will be required to have the COVID-19 vaccination or seek an exemption with required testing. This is a decision we did not take lightly but have concluded that it is the best and most responsible course of action to keep everyone safe and end this pandemic.
The Administrator, the Owners, department managers and over 82% of our current staff have all been vaccinated and continue to believe that any potential side effects of the vaccine are minor compared with what the disease can do to unvaccinated people.

3. Booster Vaccine – As many of us are hearing, a booster vaccine is available. Edenton’s Residents, and most likely staff, who received the initial vaccines in January and February will be eligible in early October.
Currently, any person with an immune compromised system, cancer treatment, or organ transplant are eligible now to get the booster. This information has been shared with any current Resident who qualifies.
I am in contact with both Whitesell Pharmacy, the local CVS, and the Frederick County Health Dept. to determine how booster shots will be provided based on which vaccine a Resident originally received. Dr. Shah, Edenton’s medical director, prefers that the Resident receive the booster that matches their initial vaccine series.
The annual flu vaccine for the campus is scheduled for October 7th, provided by Whitesell Pharmacy. Whitesell’s has the Moderna vaccine and will be able to administer both the covid-19 Moderna vaccine and the flu vaccine at the same time. I am still awaiting further information from CVS and the health dept regarding Pfizer’s booster vaccines.
If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.
Be Well,
RaeAnn Butler

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