Running errands to the grocery store, pharmacy, and bank are important. Getting out to eat, shopping and enjoying entertainment is fun too. The ability to do any or all of these activities rests with having access to a vehicle and most often the ability to drive oneself. As we get older, driving may not be an option for some and then we must find other ways to accomplish getting where we want to go.

But we are reluctant to stop driving. Most of us rely on the ability to independently leave when we want, go where we want to and maintain our routines. If we give up driving, we may feel a loss of self-esteem and power.

If we are no longer able to drive, do we compromise the care and services that we should be accessing? That should not be anyone’s answer when we no longer are driving independently. Here at Edenton, we realized how important it is for our residents to get off campus for personal and medical reasons. Edenton offers comprehensive transportation services. Having a variety of vehicles in our fleet provides us with the ability to serve many needs all in the same day throughout the Frederick area. A group could be at the grocery store, out to lunch or a concert using the 14- passenger bus. An individual could need the wheelchair accessible van for a medical appointment. Several residents may be driven to the elementary school for tutoring one morning. Whatever the need, Edenton is fortunate to have a qualified staff of drivers and a reliable fleet of vehicles.

Edenton is proud to offer our transportation system that promotes our residents’ independence, security and dignity.

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