June 30, 2021
Dear Edenton Resident, Family member and Staff:
Today’s temperatures are estimated to reach a heat index above 100oF. Due to these extreme temperatures and high humidity, outdoor walks, visits, and rides will be limited or cancelled. The OT ride scheduled for today will be rescheduled. This is just the start of the summer season and potential for high temperatures and thunderstorms. Please drink plenty of water and get outside early or late in the day.
Pandemic Updates:
Although the MD state of emergency is scheduled to expire tomorrow, Edenton must still follow the Maryland Health Care Matters, the CDC and OSHA. Currently, the MD Health Care Matters are not set to expire until December 31, 2021.
With that said, the following rules and procedures still apply:
1. Visits for AL Residents must be scheduled. We can not permit drop in visitors. If you plan to visit on a regular basis, call the front desk to be placed on the schedule.
a. Staff will turn away family and friends who have not scheduled.
b. We still are maintaining a 10-person limit inside the building for health and safety reasons.
c. A daily visit schedule is provided to each building. Your name and time must be on the list for visitation.
2. Masks – Residents, staff, visitors, venders, and volunteers (really anyone in our buildings) must wear an approved face covering or mask based upon your role or job.
a. If you are a visitor in a Resident room, vaccinated and the Resident agrees you can remove your mask.
b. Any unvaccinated person must always wear a mask!
c. If a family member or visitors are with a resident in a common area (indoors or outside) everyone must wear a mask.
d. No unvaccinated person can dine with, take a break with, or visit with someone here at Edenton without wearing a mask.
i. Visitors can only dine in the main dining room. No visitors may dine in AL buildings.
3. Screenings – Upon entry, everyone will continue to be screened and temperature taken, and information recorded.
a. Residents will be screened, and temperature taken each shift.
b. Staff will be screened, and temperatures taken at the start and end of each shift.
c. Visitors will be screened, and temperatures taken when entering the building.
d. No one should come to Edenton if you are not feeling well.

Thank you for your understanding as this information can be confusing when we hear it from various news sources. It is also not clearly stated who the information may apply to or not in some instances. There are various implementation dates that are different for some entities and communities. Please know that I continue to review this information regularly and stay on top of what changes could be implemented for Edenton’s Residents and staff.
As always, if I can answer any question or provide you with information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.
Be well,
RaeAnn Butler

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