October 19, 2021
Dear Edenton Residents, Family Member and Staff:
Fall is definitely in the air this week as we wake to cooler mornings. I share with you today, just a few updates regarding vaccination rates, booster vaccines and campus visitation.
Employee Vaccination update – As you are aware, Edenton announced that all staff members were expected to be vaccinated with at least the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 15th. Our staff have been phenomenal in meeting all the challenges that this pandemic has presented including following through on the vaccination policy. I can share with you that 98% of our current staff are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Only 2 staff were granted exemptions. Unfortunately, three staff could not receive an exemption and were terminated. Edenton will welcome back any of those employees with open arms if they decide to get their vaccine.
Booster Vaccines – I continue to track the status of booster vaccines by manufacturer. Last week, the initial approval was granted for the Moderna vaccine.
On Tuesday October 26th, Whitesell Pharmacy will be on campus to administer the Pfizer Booster vaccine. Should the Moderna booster vaccine be approved by this date, it can also be offered to anyone meeting the requirements.
Both staff and Residents can receive their booster vaccines on campus. Edenton has already planned for Residents in independent and assisted living. Employees should sign up thru Ruth in Human Resources.
Whitesell Pharmacy has provided the document that needs to be completed for the booster vaccine. Edenton will complete as much of this as possible. Just like the annual flu consent forms, a signature is needed. IL residents can sign their own forms. AL and memory care Residents who are permitted to sign will do so. Any AL resident who needs a family member to sign on their behalf, please contact Edenton to plan for the consent forms to be signed (in-person or verbal).
Campus Visitation – Our current Protocols on campus remain the same. Despite vaccination, break through infections are still possible. Individuals with compromised health or immune systems remain at high risk for contracting and difficulty fighting the COVID virus.
IL Residents – exercise caution in visiting with others in your cottage or at off campus family gatherings. Please continue to wear a face covering when in the Manor House, entering the dining room and other settings where a large group are gathered.
AL Residents – Current visitation procedures and guidance remains in effect. Until Frederick County positivity rates declines, Edenton will maintain the current actions related to scheduling, screening and check ins.
As a reminder – here are the current AL visitation guidelines:
1. All assisted living visitors must first report to the Manor House for screening information and temperature taken. A screening sticker will be provided before going to the assisted living building for scheduled visit.
2. All assisted living (AL) visitation must be scheduled in advance (2-4 hour minimum). No last-minute drop in or less than an hour notification of visitation arrival. (Special circumstances will be granted for compassionate care and/or Hospice visitation.)
3. AL visits will occur in the Resident’s room. No visitors in public spaces or dining rooms.
4. A maximum of 2 persons are permitted for AL visits inside the room.
5. We encourage outside visitation when the weather permits. A maximum of 6 visitors outside.
6. Masks must be worn at all times. Even when both the visitor(s) and Resident are vaccinated!
7. Caution should be taken when AL Residents are taken off campus to public restaurants, person homes and gatherings.
If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.
Be Well,
RaeAnn Butler

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