April 7, 2022

Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:

Good afternoon. This week was our second round of testing for Fiddlers Green Residents and staff due to an exposure. All test results came back negative. Orchard Terrace also cleared the end of last week after two weeks of negative testing.

This means that we will monitor for a few more days and then hopefully clear the outbreak next Tuesday thru the Health Dept. Assisted living family members and visitors should follow the guidelines below. Wearing a mask by everyone working and visiting in AL is still required.

Booster Vaccine – Although experts have varying opinions on how much extra protection comes from the second booster and how long protection lasts; one thing they all agree on is that it certainly cannot hurt those that are at higher risk for severe illness. Yesterday, Dr. Shah was consulted regarding the next COVID-19 booster vaccine for our Residents. Dr. Shah supports the next booster vaccine be administered to those Residents who are eligible. I have reached out to Whitesell Pharmacy to establish a clinic date for our campus. Once that information is received, I will send out notices and we will begin to get approvals. Please call should you have any questions.

This clinic will also provide the initial booster vaccine for anyone who has NOT had it. A booster vaccine is strongly recommended.

Assisted Living, in general, visitors and guests may still check in at the building. You do not need to call to schedule your visit. You can also have more than two (2) visitors per Resident room (keep in mind the size of the room).

  1. You do not need to screen in with symptom check or temperature.
  2. You must sign in and out on the visitor log.
  3. No one should visit if you are feeling ill, experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  4. Visits may occur in the Resident room, lounge, or outside area. Only outside may a visitor be unmasked around a Resident.
  5. Guest meals are still not permitted in the AL dining rooms. If you wish to dine with your AL Resident, please call us to make arrangement to dine in the main dining room.
  6. Call and schedule off campus outings and medical appointments for the AL resident so that we can assist in preparing for the outing.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we continue to navigate the impact of Covid – 19.

Be well,

RaeAnn Butler


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