February 17, 2022

Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff:

This week our news channels and newspapers are filled with articles about mask mandates ending. Wearing your mask when here at Edenton is required to continue for now. Assisted living facilities follow Maryland Department of Health matters and guidance – for now masking remains required for staff, visitors, and residents (as tolerated).

As cases decline and health metrics improve in Frederick County, Edenton will announce soon if IL residents will be able to wear a mask by choice rather than currently required in the dining room, Manor House, and other common areas. We will always encourage a Resident to wear a mask if they feel it is safer for their personal health and wellness.

This was the second week of testing for Fiddlers Green and Orchard Terrace Residents and associated staff. All test results came back negative. We currently have no one who is quarantining, isolating, or waiting for results. My hope is that by next Monday, we will be able to close the current outbreak on record for Edenton.

Due to the improving conditions in our community (at large and here on campus), I am offering a few more opportunities for assisted living visitors (independent living residents should be considering this as well):

  1. All visitors (family members, personal companions, etc.) must first report to the Manor House for screening information and temperature taken. A screening sticker will be provided before going to the assisted living building for scheduled visit. NOTE: the Manor House front desk is staffed every day from 8 am to 5 pm.
  2. NEW – Mask wearing AL visitors can visit in the privacy of the resident room or a public area or lounge.
    1. Anyone who wants to dine with a Resident, we can help you with special accommodations or you can request a reservation in the main dining room.
    2. For now, we must continue to decline the option of dining within assisted living facilities.
  3. Masks (please consider a medical grade or higher) must still be worn at all times. Even when both the visitor(s) and Resident are fully vaccinated! If a Resident is positive for the virus, other PPE will be provided and must be worn when with the Resident. N95 masks are still available at the front desk during check in.
  4. Residents can leave campus with family and friends. Please tell us in advance so that we can help to have the Resident ready for their outing. Please consider the health and safety of the Resident if venturing out to a public restaurants or large gathering.
  5. We will recommend that residents who take a leave of absence (overnight for more than 24 hours) away from campus be tested upon returning.

If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.

Be well,

RaeAnn Butler


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