November 8, 2021
Dear Edenton Community,
Happy November! This week I have been pondering how we can
share our gratitude for the many things we have to be grateful for this season. Around campus you will find “gratitude boards” going up (thanks Life Enrichment Team) that you can fill in a note to share your thanksgiving thoughts. This Fall season is presenting us so many more opportunities than last year.

I personally want to share my gratitude for Edenton’s entire team. Every person you see working here at Edenton is committed to the care and responsibility we undertake each and every day serving all our Residents. Our team members are 98% vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus and continue to take measures day in and day out to protect themselves, their families, and our Residents! Not only did we ask that our Residents get vaccinated, but when I presented the vaccination policy to our team and venders, they stepped up. Considering the new federal requirements coming out regarding vaccinations, we will be gathering vaccination information from everyone. Anyone coming onto to campus for scheduled visits with assisted living Residents will be asked about your vaccination status. I strongly encourage that independent living Residents utilize this same level of protection for your family and friends visiting.

This information will be collected so that you do not have to present your vaccination card at each scheduled visit. For Edenton, this is leading up to the holiday rush of more visitors and family members wanting to be on campus and visit with Residents. Effective November 22nd, any visitor to assisted living/memory care Resident who wants to enter a building on campus, for an inside visit, will need to either be fully vaccinated or present a negative test taken within 72 hours of the scheduled visit. The other options for unvaccinated individuals would be to have an outside visit or a window visit. Families will also be grappling with these same decisions for larger family gatherings this year in your homes and deciding how to protect one another. This is what I am doing for our Edenton family.

I am sure you understand the importance of this step but also the difficulty for me and for Edenton to ask visitors to provide this information. All our Residents are medically vulnerable. An outbreak is still considered one positive case and it impacts the entire building or campus depending upon the circumstances.

Please remember the following:
• Masks must be worn at all times. Even vaccinated visitors must wear a mask when with a Resident – in their room or anywhere.
• If you have scheduled a visit and then you are not feeling well – cancel the visit. Do not risk exposing a Resident to any symptoms if you are unwell.
• If you or a household member recently recovered from an infection of any kind, delay your visit for another week. This helps to ensure that everyone in the household is now well and does not expose the Resident. We are happy to assist with phone calls or video calls via face time or zoom so that you can visit with your family member here at Edenton.
• Frederick County still has a positivity rate above 5 %. Please consider not going to indoor restaurants or places with the Resident when they may be unmasked and exposed to the general public.

If you have questions, I am here to have a personal conversation with you and how you could manage a visit with your AL Resident and an unvaccinated person.

Take note of these other activities added to our campus schedule of events:
November 17th Italian night (each dining room will be celebrating)
November 19th 1 pm to 3pm 2022 Edenton Calendar reveal

If I can answer any question or provide you with additional information, please reach out to me or another member of our team.

RaeAnn Butler

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