Established in 1963, Older Americans Month is celebrated each year in May. The Administration for Community Living leads this initiative to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of older Americans. This is also a time to know of trends impacting or affected by seniors in our country and world.

Edenton appreciates all our Residents and the incredible contributions each makes. We would especially like to recognize our centenarians, our Residents who have reached one hundred years of age. What an accomplishment and as witnesses to so much history.

Two wonderful ladies just turned one hundred years old on the same day – March 20th. Eleanor Lambert and Jennie Anderson who were born in 1923 were cheered and sung to by family and friends as they celebrated with them, and each were quite modest of their accomplishment. Edenton is honored to have several Residents in either independent or assisted living who have reached this milestone birthday.  The stories these woman could tell. Their grandfathers could have fought in the civil war, they were youngsters during the great depression, witnesses to World War II, the Korean war, as well as Alaska and Hawaii admited to the Union as the 49th and 50th states. They saw the impact of the Vietnam War, and the development of technology with television, computers, and the internet. They have witnessed 16 U.S. presidents starting with Calvin Coolidge to Joe Biden. These women saw the first moon landing in 1969 and subsequent rocket launches to space. And now, they have lived through a pandemic.

We would love to know the secrets to living so long. We know that people are living longer today than they did in past generations. Also, a long life does not always mean a healthy life in old age. Several Residents would say the secret to long life is living in moderation, never overdo anything, eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. Maybe some of the issues we think are age related problems are not due to aging itself, but the things we do to ourselves. Age is just a number and not necessarily an effective way to measure health.

Healthy behaviors can help older adults live more independently. Edenton’s independent and assisted living offers many op ons for Residents to exercise, walk on campus, par cipate in yoga and tai chi classes. Then making good healthy meal choices can help support muscles and strengthen bones which help with balance and maintaining independence.

Preventing social isolation and loneliness are other important factors as we consider a long and healthy life. Family members, friends and social groups can all help to play an important role in helping seniors to stay connected. The event calendar here at Edenton is a great way to introduce one to a new activity or hobby like a gardening group or walking group.
Appreciate the senior person in your life today. Inquire about their inspiring lives as we have them as role models, relying on a lifetime of experiences and perspectives.

Celebrate Older Americans Month.

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