What is Life Enrichment?

Life enrichment is making sure that seniors have the best quality of life.  It’s keeping them part of a bigger picture, maintaining individual skills and building community.

When new residents into the community, one of our first “activity” is to sit down with them, welcome them and learn about their interests.  Community Relations, the nursing staff and the life enrichment staff invest a great deal of time learning about their background.  It is here that the focus on life enrichment begins.

Your loved one needs to feel a connection to someone who knows them and who is interested in their lives.  They want to know someone who is excited to hear the wonderful stories that each of them brings to the table.

Life Enrichment is Viable for All Residents

Regardless of your stage in life, it’s important to have friends.  Assisted living is no different. While a full activities calendar is important, the socialization between residents (and staff members) is a critical component.  Activities should provide peer-to-peer interaction.

It does not matter if the event is baking, painting on canvas or playing a game – we try to ensure that all the residents participating were successful at the event, because there are jobs that everyone can do. Some activities promote working together and using teamwork while others may build upon what individuals can do with peer and staff support.

Aside from the feeling of teamwork, events also build and strengthen friendships. The residents complement each other and provide assistance to others who may need some encouragement.  The event or activity is also a way for many to share stories or previous experiences while reminiscing.

It is this continual growth of trust, friendships and community that serves as the basis for life enrichment.


Pictured are the Life Enrichment Coordinators (Lisa Ambrose, Hannah Weis, Caroline Dunning, Marie O’Callaghan and Linda Grossnickle) with Santa and elf in December 2017. Absent from photo is Chaplain Jean Brown who also serves our community and life enrichment.

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