Intergenerational activities are bridging the gap between our youth, older adults and the community.  This concept may very well be the answer to regaining youth and restoring a sense of importance.  The benefits for both seniors and youth are unmeasurable –  increases socialization, forms companionship, evidence that it provides health benefits and opens opportunities for volunteering that benefits all.

Edenton has been utilizing intergenerational activities in their programming for many years.  Examples of activities include students volunteering their time for school projects and community service hours, monthly visits from our pre-school friends from Kinder-Care, boy and girl scout involvement on campus and our seniors volunteering at a local school for the elementary reading program.

Recently some of our Edenton residents had the honor and privilege to perform with the Tuscarora Elementary school chorus at their Winter concert.  This process started a few months ago when John Widmann, school vocal teacher, came up with the idea of combining students and seniors together to work for one common goal, the winter concert. Our Residents helped to choose two of the songs that would be performed, they attended practices here on campus and as well as the school with the students.  They all practiced very hard for the big night Everyone was excited to see the results since some rehearsals were separate. It was a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship between students, seniors and the community.

Inspiring intergenerational activities such as this empowers young people to cultivate respect, interest and compassion for our older adults. This also provides our Older Adults opportunities to share their wisdom, experience and talents with our youth.  What a wonderful experience this activity provided to the two groups as it brought joy, life, hope and acceptance.

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