What do you like to do to manage your stress, anxiety, and depression? The ways we manage our mental health when we are younger can be different when we consider our seniors residing in communities such as Edenton Frederick.

As we are aware, as we get older, we may encounter challenges including physical health decline, memory issues and social changes. Any one of these can increase anxiety, cause stress and loneliness impacting a senior’s mental and overall health.

A variety of services and programs should be offered to help lead a fulfilled and engaging lifestyle. Services that Edenton offers includes psychological therapy and counseling and psychiatric services all offered by Counter Point Behavioral Health Services. Dr. Kevin Lawlor, a psychologist with Counter Point has been providing counseling and psychotherapy services on campus for many years. He can also provide decisional capacity assessment and cognitive and neuro cognitive evaluations. Carrie Chase, CRNP, PMH, a clinical nurse practitioner in psychiatry also visits residents on campus and can provide comprehensive mental health evaluations, behavioral management, and psychotropic management. Both professionals provide Resident, staff, and family education.

Sometimes, physicians and psychiatrists will prescribe a medication for anxiety and stress. Medications may be suggested but it is also important to develop a personalized medication plan that considers the Resident’s specific needs, medical history, and other factors. Edenton’s nursing staff, assisted living nurses and home care nurse, collaborates closely with the prescribing physician to manage medications for anxiety and stress. Factors such as the type and severity of symptoms, potential drug interactions and the residents’ overall health status are all considered.

Weekly, several wellness and exercise programs are also available. Wellness and exercise can promote physical and mental health, improve quality of life, and help residents maintain independence and mobility. For example, Residents can participate in classes such as yoga, tai chi or chair aerobics helping residents to improve their balance strength and flexibility. Some Residents participating in exercise groups add strength training to their routine by using resistance bands or light weights to maintain muscle mass and improve overall strength.

Social activities and connections with others are extremely important for our seniors. Living alone and developing physical problems that reduces one’s ability to maintain social connections can be particularly challenging. Edenton recognizes the importance of social connections and offer a range of social activities in our independent and assisted living buildings.. Social activities promote a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolations. Our various activity calendars are full of opportunities to engage in games, movies, outings, and volunteer chances. Residents can connect with others who have similar interests and build meaningful relationships.

Providing mental health services for our seniors here at Edenton offers numerous benefits towards improved overall wellbeing, enhanced memory functions and increased social interactions. Lower levels of stress and anxiety will likely improve physical and mental health, improved sleep, better appetite, and increased energy levels.

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