Edenton residents were interested to learn more about recycling and how we can take additional steps to reduce waste going to the landfill. On Tuesday June 26, Deborah Moran, Commercial Recycling Program Analyst from Frederick County office of Solid Waste Management spoke to provide education and information about what happens to our recyclables when it leaves our property as well as what are approved recyclable materials.

The most common materials recycled are metal, glass, paper and plastic. Clean paper, plastic, glass jars, jugs and tubs are accepted in Frederick County’s single stream recycling containers. Deborah confirmed that lids can remain on empty containers. Edenton has a single stream recycling dumpster located on the property. Approved items can be placed inside of the dumpster and only bagged unless in clear bags.

Edenton residents shared with Deborah how we have stopped using foam containers on campus as well as other efforts to reduce waste and recycle. Further steps are being taken to stop using plastic straws and beverage stirrers.

Pictured are residents participating in a little game to sort confirm what items are recyclable versus what are considered trash.

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