Our residents are not out cutting the grass, weeding or tending to the large flower and shrub beds on the campus. But that does not mean that residents who love to garden should not have the feeling of nice rich soil in their hands and the smell of wonderful flowers and herbs when Spring arrives.

Garden House at Edenton residents were assisted by members of the Frederick County Master Gardeners this week planting container gardens. The volunteers are interested in assisting seniors gain enjoyment and satisfaction in planting and enjoying gardening activities. Horticultural therapy as some describe this activity, is meant to offer gentle confidence building skills and a sense of accomplishment in a supportive setting. 

Gardening can still be accomplished by seniors who have mobility issues and other disabilities as it does not require a lot of strength or exertion if done in the right environment. If raised beds, containers or planting boxes are used, seniors can stand or sit to work with the plants. Containers can be planted and then placed to add a spot of color or variety to any of our porches, patios and building entry points.

Edenton is very fortunate to have several staff interested in gardening – lending a hand with garden club activities, raised beds and boxes at several of the assisted living facilities. Caroline Dunning, Life Enrichment Coordinator takes the lead with the garden club. In another month, she will be assisted by other residents holding a plant sale featuring several vegetable plants (that the residents have planted from seed), flowers, and houseplants that the group tends all winter long.

So as our days get warmer and the weather encourages us all to be outside more, think about adding a container to your patio and enjoy the flowers.

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