Look! Slow Down! Prepare to Stop!

It’s Back to School Time!

Today is the official start of school for kids in Frederick County. Edenton wants to help spread the word about safety for kids and school buses.

Edenton is so fortunate to have student visitors and volunteers with our Residents, students who are employed here as well as many students who are our employees’ children and grandchildren. Our front sidewalk is sometimes the walking path for students who attend schools located on Ballenger Creek Pike. Many school buses stop near Edenton along Crestwood Blvd. and pick up children from the residential neighborhoods.

School bus safety and what rules drivers should do for a stopping or stopped school bus can sometimes be confusing. Motorists must always stop when behind a school bus with flashing lights. When travelling on a two-lane road, the vehicle(s) approaching from the opposite direction must also stop.

Four lane roads have different rules for vehicular traffic. If a driver is on a four-lane road or highway and approaching a bus with flashing lights, the driver should slow but does not need to stop. All traffic behind the bus must stop.

Drivers along Crestwood Blvd will sometimes stop when approaching a bus with flashing lights. Although not necessary, this action increases the safety around the area when children are approaching the school bus.

The intersection of Crestwood Blvd and Ballenger Creek Pike is congested with motorists all day long. During school months, increased pedestrian traffic at this intersection becomes a concern especially for young students. The crosswalks are designed to keep pedestrians together where they can be seen by motorists, and where they can cross most safely across the flow of vehicular traffic. Please be patient and allow pedestrians to cross safely – even when the crossing signal has ended for pedestrians.

Please slow down and share the road.

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