The holidays can be a stressful time – decorating, traveling, shopping for presents and cooking for guests or parties. The senior in our life might have everything and not need any more stuff, but you would not want them to be left out when the family is opening presents together. So, what do you get someone who has everything?

The senior on your shopping list might just be the easiest person to “shop” for. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Family picture booklet – In today’s modern age with technology we rarely print pictures. Our grandparents would still love to have printed pictures. Put together a brag book of pictures from the year of your family activities. Be sure to label the pictures with a caption of what you are doing and who is in the picture. This is very helpful if your grandparent lives in a retirement center where others can assist them in looking thru the book.

iPod of favorite music – Since you have all your music on the cell phone or you down load music thru Spotify or Pandora, you have your old iPod laying around and ear phones? Download some of your grandparent’s favorite music on the iPod for them to listen to. They will also really enjoy the time you spend with them showing them how to use the iPod and keeping it charged.

Warm blanket or throw – Many old adults get cold easily. The new fleece blankets are very warm and durable. You could even make a no-sew blanket with a few yards of fleece purchased at the craft store.

Clothing – Who does not like getting something new occasionally, A new sweater or sweatshirt for your grandparent may be appreciated. Especially if it can represent your school or college team. They will wear it with pride and brag a little.

Wishes Coupons – If your grandparent truly has everything, how about the gift of time. Your time. Create a coupon book giving of yourself for a variety of activities. Ideas you both might enjoy include an outing for ice cream, cookie baking, a home cooked meal, invitation to attend one of your sports games or music concert, take s/he out for a meal, help weed the flower bed or offer to plant flowers in the spring. The ideas are endless.

Gift cards and Subscriptions – Gift cards can still be personable. Choose the card(s) that mean something to them. Choose their favorite grocery store, the gas station, a restaurant, subscription to the newspaper or favorite magazine, or any item that they use regularly.

Lotions and simple toiletries – Who does not love a nice hand cream or body lotion.

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