Job Description


Title: Waiter/Waitress

Supervisor: Restaurant Manager

Job Summary: This is a part-time position to serve the individual needs of the resident(s) through the Restaurant. Work hours vary from week to week depending upon specific needs and special events.


  1. Arrive and sign in at appropriate work time
  2. Set up for meals
  3. Serve meals
  4. Remove dishes as soon as resident(s) is finished – be sure not to rush resident(s)while they are eating
  5. Clear all tables of dirty dishes as soon as residents leave
  6. Set tables for next shift
  7. Assist with special projects and events as assigned


  1. Must have a valid Driver’s License or another form of transportation to work.
  2. If a Middle or High School student, must provide a Work Permit.
  3. Ability to lift a minimum of 25-30 pounds.
  4. Ability to use stairs.
  5. May be required to be current in First Aid and CPR certification.

I have read the job description for Waiter/Waitress and I feel that I can perform the duties as described therein.

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